Thursday, April 25, 2013

Look Within...

We encounter many people in our lives. Some though, stick out, we become more aware of their presence, we get more attached to them, be it as an attraction or a repulsion (aversion).

These people are not there by chance. We attract them. Else they would be a part of the millions of people we encounter through our lives and not notice. They are there because there is some aspect about them that we either want to be, not aware that it is a part of us that is hidden in us, that just has to be seen (when there is an attraction) or there is some aspect about them that we have in ourselves that we don't like and are hiding from/not aware of consciously (when there is a repulsion or aversion, they make us angry or sad or bring up negative reactions in us).

If we can see this aspect, we can let the over-attachment go. When we see this aspect within ourselves, when we see we already have this aspect in us and don't need the other to complete us or don't have to be ashamed of (mind labels), we can embrace it all, good or bad and let it go.

When we see the aspect of another in us, that is keeping us attached to the other, we can let it go and accept and love the other and ourselves just as we are.

So, if we take a look at the people in our own life we may be overly attached to (attracted to or repulsed by), we can see what they are trying to show us about ourselves. There really is no other, it is all us. Not in a non-dual way, but in an acceptance way.


Lost In... a "Dance"