Creations from Stillness

Click on the name of the paintings below the painting itself, it will take you to a blog post on it, which gives a little more details on the creation of each one.

Stillness Dancing ~ by Shweta Mitra Dec 2010


"Sonata" ~ by Shweta Mitra Sept 2010

"Reflection" ~ by Shweta Mitra Aug 2010
"Devotion" ~ By Shweta Mitra (July 2010)

Mirabai~considered to be the epitome of devotion, in India
Krishna is depicted by a peacock feather
"Radhika"~Painting by Shweta Mitra - May 2010
based on the painting "Jayashri – Krishna Pleading." by Syamarani dasi.
"Heart Hands"  ~ Shweta Mitra (May 2010)

"Comfort"~ by Shweta Mitra (May 2010)
Copy Of "The Milkmaid" By Raja Ravi Verma.
The cosmic romance of Radha and Krishna.
 "Divine Love Reigning" ~ By Shweta Mitra, May 4th 2010.

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