Friday, March 4, 2011

Formless Forming

Formless Forming

Formless Forming (Closeup)

This is a painting of Ardhanarishvara.  It is half Shiva, the formless divine, and half Parvati, the goddess, the manifest, the form (ing). It also represents the stillness and movement aspect present in all of us at every moment. 

The painting also symbolizes the changes we experience in out spiritual journey. The mountains are solid ice, as we being our spiritual journey, we are like this solid piece of ice, we slowly melt into water which is not as rigid, more fluid, more flowing, and later we become akasha, the sky, completely unbound.


  1. Was reminded of this song Shweta - It might do some justice to the Ardhanarishvara !! Thanks

  2. Thanks Raj.
    Wonderful song!! The lyrics were so touching.:)

    But there is no mystery to ardhanaishwara... Shiva cannot exist without shakti... the un-manifest cannot be, unless the manifest exists. The arising of form (shakti) from the formless (Shiva) and the coexistence of both in us at every moment. This is a representation of the duality within the non-dual.

    Thank you for taking interest in my paintings and finding a piece of music to go with it. Like I told a friend of mine yesterday, poetry (lyrics) is a way to paint a picture with words. :)